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Here are some tips that reveal the truth about making the best property investments. Buying investment properties can be daunting, to say the least.

An important part of the process is the financing. If you’re like most people. you do not have millions of extra dollars lying around. 

And in fact even if you do, you’re most likely prone to use OPM for your investing projects. Here are some things to consider when your plan is to make real estate property investments. First off, Use OPM, Other Peoples’ Money.

When examining residential or commercial properties for property investment, there are various criteria and also approaches that those interested in real estate property investment can make use of.

To get the best deal when investing in a residential property, keep these tips on making property investments in mind:

Most people don’t think about the fact that shopping for an investment property loan begins the minute you start considering properties. Make sure you choose wisely. And when you have, obtaining investment property loan financing will be easy.

Investment professionals say ‘Seek out the worst house on the best block.” There is method behind this adage. You have more of a chance to turn a profit when you find the least expensive property among higher valued properties.

Many times with a bit of improvements, the surrounding higher value properties bring up the value of your lower valued property. Lenders will love your wise choice. So will your wallet. When using this approach,don’t get yourself in hot water with too many expensive repairs.

Formula For Getting A Property Investment Loan

1) Whether your approach is to “flip” homes, or to hold them for their rental cash money value, it is essential to be able to attract prospective customers quickly whether you’re looking for renters or buyers.

Constantly bear in mind that this is a financial investment. When employing tips on getting investment property loans you’ll want to make sure you come out in the end with the best profit possible. The lender will be looking for the same thing as you, returning a profit on the investment property loan transaction. If the numbers don’t show this, you will not secure an investment property loan.

In order to be in the investing business, you must come to terms with the fact that there is risk involved. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can make very profitable earnings being an investor. It is true that property investing has made more millionaires than any other field of endeavor.

Educate Yourself

Your job is to educate yourself. Learn more and more as you go. It is important to keep abreast of your particular area’s laws, trends, developments, etc. Knowledge increases your expertise. It also increases profits.

 Make sure to uncover any architectural damages to the property you are considering. It is important to discover all needed flaws up front. Also you must be very close on repair cost estimates. Do not make a mistake here. It might be a deadly strike to your financial investment!

Foundational or structural damage can be very expensive to repair.  In some cases they may be irreparable. Unless you are certified in this field, always hire a professional to inspect your perspective properties and sign off as to found problems and estimated fixes before moving forward.

Profit Is Determined At The Onset

Remember you determine your profit when you acquire a property, not when you market it! Most people do not make this connection up front, thus making poor real estate investment choices because they were unaware of the tips being given here. You must make sure not to become emotionally attached to your project. There has to be a considerable cushion in between the acquisition cost and the marketing rate of financial investment property.

Keep in mind, every day that the home is not marketed or leased comes right off the top of your profits. Purchasing the residential property at an ideal cost will certainly shield you from Murphy’s Law. Many people want to make a deal so badly they do not consider all of these things. They find themselves losing money because they didn’t have their eyes wide open to the facts surrounding the property and getting it financed.

Our Funding formula:

1) Establish an after repair work worth for your property. Not only do you need to get 3 comparable properties that are as similar as possible to your prospective property. These must have sold in the recent past in the immediate vicinity of the subject property.

Your lender will require these informally at first from you, and then formally in writing from an independent real estate appraiser of the lender’s choice. The certified appraiser will make a more extensive valuation of the property a little later on in your lending process.

This will certainly assist in developing market valuation of your potential  property.

2) Plan on a lender loaning you roughly 65% of the ARV (After Repair Value) estimate given to your perspective property.

3) It is important that you prepare a list of all of the repairs needed to get your property into shape to rent or to sell. Prepare a completed list along with estimated costs specified and itemized in writing, as you will be presenting this information to your perspective lender when you apply for financing. Take this part very seriously.

These figures will decide whether a lender will extend you a loan. Also how close you are on

golden piggy bank of investment property loans

 estimating the actual repair costs will determine your profits.

Watch Your P’s and Q’s

If you are seasoned and also able to do any or all of the work yourself move forward with the repairs yourself.

Or you may want to contract the work to others who are skilled at the specific repairs and upgrading your property needs. Remember that the bottom line is the less money spent on repairs, the more profit in the end.

Beware that scrimping and using inferior products to save money will not bode well in the long run. This is most certainly a way to shoot yourself in the foot.

You always want to be proud of your finished work. It is a reflection of your values and who you are. Make sure you find a compatible lender. You want one well versed in making investment property loans. Click below to be contacted by a lender specializing in investment loans now. To your success! We hope you are benefiting from these tips. For actual investment property loans visit




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